Tequila nights

Like there’s nothing better than drinking with your friends. It is definitely the best way to catch up after a long time with the potential awkwardness and all. Visiting my friend of seven years last night in her new apartment with her longtime boyfriend was the most fun I’ve had in a while. Especially when I saw the limes, I knew it was about to be a party! Haha( I’m not an alcoholic). Tequila just makes me really happy. The last time I saw them was probably three years ago, in my freshman year of college. But three years felt like mere days the minute that I got to their apartment. I guess when you have a bond that is so strong, time is of no obstacle. The tequila just helped us realize that quicker. In our drunken haze we caught up on life and sang through half a karaoke catalog. I played with her dog Flower, whom I have not seen since highschool and was introduced to the new additions father and son cats, Pringles and Mini Me (yasssss from Austin Powers, their favorite movie). With laughter in my heart and a slight narrowing gait I made my way home. Taking with me a promise of good times to come.


Just right

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something made today a really nice day. For me to say that, is disconcerting in the least, because, just like Stella can’t get her groove, I can never have a good day. Or at least I thought, because today proved to be different. Maybe it was the taste of the summer to come. Or the simple act of putting on my favorite nail polish this morning. Either way today was just right.

Hope you guys had a good day too.

life thus far

Disregard the title, this is not going to be a memoir,  just a catching up of the past year while I was not blogging.  If you did not know I am a full time college student, and as of this past friday, I ended my junior year. It was a year of great sacrifice media and communication wise, because I wanted academic success, and the only way I knew how was to cut off some of things that held me back. This past year I also began and ended a relationship (save this for another post) and made a few great friends that will forever have an impact in my life. With the knowledge and relationships formed this past year, I hope I am already becoming a better person, also too that my influence have a positive  impact on other people as well. With that said, I am back to blogging, and I hope we all have a fun and creative summer!